Foto © Ole Habenicht

Foto © Ole Habenicht

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Stavria Koniali

Stavria Koniali


What is your profession?

 I am a professional basketball player.

What do you like about Hannover?

I like that it’s a green city with a mix of architecture and you can go wherever you want by bike

What where the reasons for you to come to Hannover?

Because it was a good basketball opportunity to play in Bundesliga and it is a beautiful city to live

What do you eat before the game?

Most of the times I eat pasta with a small piece of chicken.

Do you have a special ritual before a game?

Hmm. I talk on the phone with my favorite people to wish me “good luck”.

Why did you start to play Basketball?

My dad was playing basketball when he was young so I was in a basketball court from very young age.

What do you like to do when you do not practice or play?

I like to go out for coffee with my friends or to stay home reading a book or watching a movie…

Why did you decide to become a professional basketball player?

Because it was my dream and my goal as a kid to do the sport that I love as a job.

Which goals do you pursue as a professional?

I want to develop my basketball skills year by year in order to manage to play in EuroCup or Euroleague one day

Which Bundesliga match do you look forward to the most?

It’s my first year in Bundesliga so I look forward for all games.

Which sports do you like besides Basketball?

Besides basketball, I like soccer and tennis.

TKH is going to have a successful season, because…

…we work hard all together as a team to achieve the same goals, we respect each other and we have a very good chemistry. . .

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